Every journey starts the same

A step.  This blog is a first step.  One in a direction that may change, but it is a departure from passivity and lack of direction.

The goal of this blog is to be a place where I can continue to push the line that exists between my knowledge and learning.  The good news is that the line is so close right now, as I have very little knowledge in web design or development.  I plan on using this blog to push myself further into the field and to solidify what I know.

There are thousands of free HTML/CSS tutorials that are easy to follow and understand.  But often, I don’t feel like my newly gained knowledge is reinforced before I move on to a more complicated topic or another one altogether.  It sounds like the logical progress is HTML > CSS > Javasscript and then on to a backend language to handle more complicated tasks on a website server.  So this blog will help me reinforce what I learn, but teaching it to others (even if no one is looking).

if you are reading this, thank you for coming and enjoy the ride.


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